HerbaBuena Quiver

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This topical and ‘edible’ delight enhances arousal
and stimulation, heightens sensation, lubricates,
eases intercourse, and extends orgasm. Made with
organic coconut and essential oils with a balanced
pH it may also help maintain vaginal health, tone
soft tissue, and support a luscious level of moisture.
Made with a micro-dose of THC, it also relaxes soft
tissue to ease painful intercourse and menstrual cramps.

120mg THC | 0mg CBD

It’s stimulating without being hot. Non-psychoactive.
meaning, it will not get you "high." 

Ingredients: Coconut oil,* cannabis, a whisper of
vanilla,* black pepper,* cinnamon,* and clove.*

Directions: Apply topically, massage daily in and around your private parts. Wait 20 minutes for full effect. Repeat as desired. Feel free to get funky.
Not latex condom safe.

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