Farmaceuticals Co. Do Drops (Sativa)

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Make. Create. Move. Do.

Get going with Do Drops. Perfect taken sublingually, in your morning cuppa, and as an extra boost throughout your day. This extraction is relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting. Do Drops are crafted using Farmaceuticals Co's unique all-natural, full flower infusion process – we never use concentrates or solvents. Our full flower method produces THC oil that is rich in hundreds of terpenes and natural plant compounds – giving you the powerful and all-natural relief you’re looking for.

Contains approx:

0.5mg THC/drop

15mg THC/dropper

300mg THC/bottle

Suggested dose:

Start with 3-5mg and adjust up or down as desired.

About Farmaceuticals Co.

The Farmaceuticals Co. is a women owned and operated healing company in Marin County, California.

Through their award winning uniquely crafted tinctures and topical products, they bring the 100% all-natural option to our shelves.

Each of their products is made using their signature infusion process that keeps all of the powerful healing components of the cannabis plant intact. They are proudly concentrate free! They never use concentrates or harsh solvents and they don’t use CO2 to extract the CBD. They honor the whole plant and respectfully extract its natural elixirs using age-old herbalist infusion methods, using only heat, pressure, and love. Each batch of oil is made 100% in-house in small batches.

The Farmaceuticals Co. prioritizes sourcing each element from local, women-owned and queer-owned farms and businesses. Working with, sourcing from, and being part of a reciprocal, vibrant community of women in cannabis is a priority.