Humboldt Farms Cookie Punch Pre-roll (single)

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Cookie Punch

Single Pre-rolled joint

Lineage: GSC x Purple Punch

19.3% THC

Aroma & tasting notes: Sweet, Earthy

Effect: Cookie Punch's potent and long lasting effects will have you smiling for hours.

From Humboldt Farms:

We use the same flowers found in our jars to make our Prerolls. We don’t hide anything inside the rolling paper which you might find inside other prerolls on the market: no shake, trim or sugar leaf. We craft our Prerolls with the same care as the cones you would roll in your home. Nothing else is acceptable. Great taste with a fluid burn. 

What goes into the cannabis we grow here at Humboldt Farms? The light of the moon, the rays of the sun, the vigor and ingenuity of our farmers, the blessings of the rain, the mercy of the clouds and the fog, the energy of the wilderness, and the spirit of the land. Add in sustainable farming practices and robust seed-genetics and you have the recipe we use to grow the most vibrant, radiant cannabis in the world. Our elegant flowers and premium extracts are testament to our commitment to purveying the highest quality of cannabis on Earth.  

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