Native Humboldt Farms Jah-Goo Pre-Roll (2pk)

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Jah-Goo Full Flower Pre-roll 2 pack


22.73% THC

From Native Humboldt Farms:

“There is something very special about a small farm where each
and every little bit of soil and earth was moved by hand, by people
who whole heartedly believe in what they are doing and the product
that they are creating. There is also something very special
about a small business that creates each and every product consciously
with care by hand. When you combine these two incredible
the end result is Native Humboldt Farms.
At Native Humboldt Farms we grow artisan, small batch sun
grown cannabis. We then take our clean cannabis and create a variety
of cannabis products. Our farm and cannabis is hand tended
to protect the land for future generations.”



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