***Promo*** Cereal Milk 1g Pre-Roll 22.27% THC

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Buy any full priced El Blunto product to qualify for this promotional infused pre-roll. One per customer and cannot be combined with other promotions. 

Cereal Milk

single 1g pre-roll

Indica Dominant

Were you one of those kids who looked forward to finishing their breakfast cereal just so you could drink that bowl of sugary leftover milk? Do you still do that as an adult? No judgement here! Introducing El Blunto’s ethereal Cereal Milk hybrid, with a sugary, milky flavor that will keep you sipping long after the crunch is gone. So pour a bowl of this giggly blizzy, take a whiff of these trichome Honeycombs, taste its sweet vanilla-berry tones, and prepare for a relaxed and creative time.

- 1 gram of the finest indoor and mixed-light flower

- Clean and even burning rice paper 

- Strains selected for flavor and high testing

- Glass tube preserves terpenes and flavor 

- Double QC for even distribution of flower