ZZZ Moon Made Pineapple Wonder 4g 18.1% THC

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Pineapple Wonder

4 grams  

Aroma & Tasting Notes:  Sweet & sour candy, funky earthy undertones and pine

Effects:  A feel-good relaxing varietal, the tropical vibes from this playfully bright sativa will have you deep in the pocket and fully owning your day


Dominant Terpenes: Myrcene | Caryophyllene | Pinene | Limonene

Sun + Earth Certified

Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure Certified

About Moon Made

Tucked away in the hills of Southern Humboldt, Moon Made's Woman run farm works in tandem with the sun and the moon for flower that delights the senses. Utilizing ecologically responsible techniques that promote healthy soil, they produce flower that has a potency that can truly be felt. The rich history of this second generation farm has its roots in fostering self-sufficiency in generations of women as well as supporting the LGBTQ+ community.


About Lunar Farming

The value of accounting for lunar cycles in farming practices has carried over from traditional wisdom into empirically validated science stemming from biological and horticultural research. The critical importance of this knowledge becomes clear when we are reminded of the impacts on the environment, demands on energy consumption, and vital provisions, from medicine to clothing to food, that agriculture is responsible for. If we hope to be responsible stewards of the land, and shrewd in its development as a potential resource, then it follows to engage in farming practices that lead to more efficient use of soil and related hydrological processes. Being mindful of the effects of lunar farming can help to achieve a more efficient timing of farming practices, and can thus help to maximize yield and minimize impact.