***Promo*** Kikoko Little Helpers Boost Botanical Mints Single

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Kikoko Boost Cannabis InfusedĀ Yuzu Coconut Matcha Botanical Mints

2.5mg THCV & 2.5mg THC / MintĀ 

A rare and precious cannabinoid, THCV is known to promote energy and clarity, and when paired with a little THC, a vital, happy feeling. One mint creates a fully functioning feeling of pleasure, two gives a motivating high. There is also some research showing that THCV can suppress appetite and is excellent for pain. We also added a touch of matcha, a green tea extract thatā€™s high in antioxidants and boosts energy.


Xylitol, polydextrose, natural extract flavors, malic acid, cannabis extract, matcha powder, turmeric, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, stevia extract, black pepper extract, non-hydrogenated sustainable palm oil

***Promo*** Kikoko Little Helpers Boost Botanical Mints Single - Farmhouse Artisan Market Hard Candy