Farmhouse Artisan Market at Go Local Sonoma

Go Local Sonoma County Farmhouse Artisan Market

Farmhouse Artisan Market is a trusted Go Local partner with over 300 recommendations from local residents and community members who love to support their local economy. At Farmhouse we care deeply about keeping things local. We truly understand that, for better or worse, dollars are votes in this capitalist society. If you put your dollars into local businesses and causes you are helping to create and sustain a local economy that will allow the people you know and love to thrive!

"Go Local Sonoma" is a campaign that promotes supporting local businesses in Sonoma County, California. The goal of the campaign is to encourage residents and visitors to shop and dine at locally-owned establishments, which helps to boost the local economy and create a stronger sense of community.

The campaign was launched by the Sonoma County Economic Development Board in collaboration with the Sonoma County GoLocal Cooperative. The GoLocal Cooperative is a network of locally-owned businesses that work together to support each other and promote the benefits of shopping locally.

By supporting local businesses, you can help to create a sustainable and thriving local economy. You can also enjoy the unique products and services that are only available from locally-owned businesses. So if you're in Sonoma County, consider checking out the Go Local Sonoma campaign and supporting the local community.