Himalaya THC and CBD Vape Cartridges and Concentrates

Himalaya Vape Carts and Concentrates

A journey through the Nepali Himalaya - the highest place on the planet, where cannabis originated millennia ago and still grows wild today - inspired us to reach higher in other areas of life. This is the spirit in which the Himalaya brand was created. Full spectrum strain specific products made without over processing or losing the original characteristics of the cultivars/strains. No artificial junk ever.

The best cannabis products from the farm not factories. Fresh-Squeezed in Northern California from small scale family farms. Packaged and produced in house to ensure only the finest quality products arrive in your hands.

Owned and operated by a small group of Cannabis entrepreneurs from Northern California. No multi-billion dollar conglomerates or venture capital here.

Try Himalaya's fine concentrates, live resin and rosin vape carts, and their most popular line, Originals today.