Rewards Program/FAM Points FAQ

Farmhouse Rewards!

Earn FAM points with every order, and get discounts for successful referrals! 

To get started, log in to your Farmhouse Account, or sign up! To see the program, click the green icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. On desktop the button will show as "Rewards" on mobile, it will show an icon of a present.  

Rewards FAQs:

How do I earn FAM Points?

Create an account (if you have one already, your points will accrue there) and place an order! It's that simple, points are awarded once the order has been delivered. For every dollar spent, you will earn 1 point. On x points days you will earn the listed number of points for every dollar, and the order must be delivered that day in order to earn the additional points. 

How do I use my FAM Points?

To redeem your points, you will want to click on the green rewards icon on the bottom right corner of our website. On mobile, it will show as a gift icon and on a computer it will say rewards. You can then click “Ways to Redeem” and use the slider to determine how many of your points you would like to use. Once you click “Redeem” a discount code will be generated and you will be able to use that code for the current order, or it will be saved in the widget for later use. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

I spent my points, but I didn't redeem the discount, how do I get them back?

Don't worry! Any spent points are converted into a discount code. You can find the discount code when you are logged in by clicking on the rewards icon, then looking for “Your rewards” (just under the green area displaying our points).  Any and all available coupons will be listed on this page. Click the coupon you would like to use and then click “Apply code”

Do you have a referral program?

We do! For all successful referrals, you will get $10 and so will they! They can choose between using their first order discount or the $10 discount on the first order and use the other on the second order. 

How To: Click the Green Rewards icon in the bottom of the right hand corner (on desktop it will say "Rewards" on mobile it is an icon of a gift). On the widget, you will see "Refer your friends" just below "Ways to Redeem." Click "Refer your friends" and copy the referral code and send your preferred way, or use one of the icons below to send via Facebook, Twitter or Email!  Your friend will be able to use their $10 right away, and you will be able to find yours in this widget once they place their order from the link you send them!

Why can't I use my FAM points on an order?

FAM points cannot be combined with other discount codes- only one discount code can be added to an order at a time.


Still have questions?

We know there's a lot of info here, so don't hesitate to reach out! During our business hours, we are always happy to help you with any questions you have about the program over the phone or by text: