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What's Best for Me?

There are so many uses for cannabis, knowing the particular benefits of each can help you determine what's best for you. We've broken down some of the most common ways to enjoy cannabis, also referred to as delivery methods. 

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Terroir & Cultivation Methods

How cannabis is cultivated makes an enormous difference in the final product, therefore, cultivation techniques are a point of pride and oftentimes secrecy among cannabis cultivators. They exist in a spectrum and each can offer a unique advantage. 

Terroir is used to describe the qualities of cannabis that are affected by the environment where it is grown. Terroir can affect terpene quality, flower size and elicit different phenotypes to be expressed in a strain.

Native soil has a rich microbiome that creates terroir. Manufactured soil is less likely to be as diverse and may contain synthetic nutrients or even contaminates.
The biggest factors the affect cannabis terroir are humidity levels, sunlight exposure and soil composition.
The source of sunlight a plant receives will make an impact on its phenotype. Easterly exposed plants for instance receive more red light due to the light spectrum of sunlight at dawn. Gardens located on a hillside, therefore, may exhibit different traits
The most crucial factor that determines a plant's phenotype is its lineage. Due to decades of cross breeding, cannabis varietals can have an extensive range of unique characteristics.
There is an ideal humidity level for cannabis plants depending on what stage of development they are in. 40-50% for flowering plants, 55-70% for vegging plants and 65-80% for seedlings.

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Know the Differences

Many products we carry use full-spectrum extracts but it's important to know what's what when choosing products that are best for you.

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There's more to discover! This information was made in collaboration with our partners Goldleaf & Haiikuu Design and is available in print form. Stay tuned for our educational event series!