Above Cannabis Platinum OG single 1g Pre-roll

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Platinum OG

Single 1g pre-rolled joint

16% THC

Platinum OG is the quintessential choice for relaxation and a great strain for unwinding at the end of the day. The earthy forest notes help to slow your mind before the high sends waves of gentle relaxation throughout your body.

 About the Farm:

Perched atop Blake Mountain, in eastern Humboldt, surrounded by Six Rivers National Forest and at the headwaters of the south fork of the Trinity river, sits Lucy Gulch Estate Farm and the inspiration for the Above brand.  Cultivation in this sub alpine environment helps to yield the cleanest cannabis flowers on the market.  The pure mountain air, pristine spring water, lack of mold causing humidity, and uninterrupted sunshine all come together to create this unique growing environment.  The cool nights at this elevation also allow for much of our crop to develop an exquisite purple hue.     

Sustainable cannabis gelato pre-roll
biodegradable cannabis packaging