Aloha Humboldt Golden Lemons 3.5g 24.68% THC

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Golden Lemons 

24.68% THC

Aroma & Tasting notes: roasted citrus, lemon peel, and a mix of savory herbs, particularly dried tarragon leaves. As you continue to evaluate the strain, there are some soft notes of marmalade and some earthiness, but this strain is not overly sweet

Lineage: Lemon Skunk x Kosher Kush

Effects: Bright and uplifting cerebral buzz that can ease into a heavy and sedative relaxed state.

From Aloha Humboldt: 

GOLDEN LEMONS: THE STORY Aloha Humboldt was gifted Golden Lemons from an anonymous source in 2018. This strain was chosen specifically for her high potency flower for the emerging cannabis market and well suited for the seasoned cannabis connoisseur.

On a mountaintop in the Trinity Alps of northeastern Humboldt, in the heart of the emerald triangle, is Aloha Humboldt. We are an estate family farm using regenerative, environmentally conscious practices to provide you with the highest quality craft cannabis.  Owners Linsey and Ryan Jones have been cultivating cannabis since 1998. THey give each plant individual attention and care, resulting in flowers kissed by the sun and grown with love. We invite you to relax and enjoy  the aloha state of mind.