ZZZ Aloha Humboldt Mai Tai 3.5g 19.04% THC

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Mai Tai

19.04% THC


Aroma & Tasting Notes: Swee lavender, mixed berry and exotic flowers

Effects: This balanced hybrid is a tropical delight that will leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed. Transport yourself to a tropical island. Perfect for any time of the day.  


From Aloha Humboldt: 

On a mountaintop in the Trinity Alps of northeastern Humboldt, in the heart of the emerald triangle, is Aloha Humboldt. We are an estate family farm using regenerative, environmentally conscious practices to provide you with the highest quality craft cannabis.  Owners Linsey and Ryan Jones have been cultivating cannabis since 1998. They give each plant individual attention and care, resulting in flowers kissed by the sun and grown with love. We invite you to relax and enjoy  the aloha state of mind.