Autumn Brands Mule Fuel (Smalls) 14g 28.4%

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Mule Fuel 

Lineage: GMO x Mendo Montage

Aroma/Tasting Notes: Citrus, Pine, Fuel

Effects: Happy, Hungry, Sleepy

This cut is from Thug Pug Genetics, and pheno-hunted by Gnome Grown.


Autumn Brands Mule Fuel (Smalls) is NorCal quality at its finest. Relax into a peaceful and blissful state with 14g of 28.4% for a blissful experience. Cultivated with love and care, this Mule Fuel is sure to relax the body and revitalize the spirit. Enjoy!

Autumn Brands Mule Fuel (Smalls) 14g 28.4% - Farmhouse Artisan Market flower