Space Gem Sour Gummy SpaceDrops 100mg THC

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THC (entire box)

Vegan Sour Gummies 

100 mg THC per box

10 mg THC/gummy

SpaceDrops contains ten individual sour gummies in a rainbow of flavors. Each gummy provides 10mg of THC from single source ice water hash to elevate your being. All SpaceGem products are handmade in Humboldt County with organic and vegan ingredients, natural flavors and colors, and love.

From the founder of Space Gem:

Space Gem began in 2013 as a labor of love in my home kitchen.  I started making edibles because I wanted to share Humboldt's quality cannabis and help people live healthier, happier lives.  Now Space Gem products can be found throughout the state of California, but we're still making them in Humboldt County, where it all began, with local ice water hash.

Ingredients: Sugar*, Tapioca syrup*, Sugar, Pectin, Coconut Oil*, Single Source Cannabis Flower & Ice Water Hash, Citric Acid, Flavoring (Sunflower Oil and Natural flavors*), Food Color (Sunflower Oil, Plant & Vegetable Extracts)*, Ascorbic Acid.

*Organic Vegan

Contains Coconut


Ice Water Hash

Ice water hash or bubble hash, is a specific technique to separate trichomes and isolate the resin in cannabis.  Using micro screens ice and water, you strain out resin glands.  Ice water separation is a cleaner method that doesn't involve other solvents and allows for a more refined hash.

Space Gem Sour Gummy SpaceDrops 100mg THC - Farmhouse Artisan Market gummy