Somatik Golden Berry Sparks 1:1

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Dark Chocolate Coated Golden Berries 

Vegan, Adaptogenic Superfood

4 mg CBD + 4 mg THC/piece

80 mg CBD + 80 mg THC/Bag


Sweet and tart, the delicious dark chocolate balances the tangy flavor of the golden berries for the perfect self-care treat.  The synergistic microdose of THC, CBD, energy-boosting adaptogens, and nutrient rich superfoods will have you ready to take on any task with an energized body and relaxed mind.
Ingredients: Golden Berries, Cacao, Coconut Sugar, Cacao Butter, Cannabis (Butane-Free Extraction), Maca Powder
*Contains Coconut
From Somatik: 

We’re on a mission to help restore your mind-body balance. Somatik™ is about starting off your day (or wrapping it up) with a high quality microdose of cannabis. Our products are designed for functional benefits that can help boost your mood, ease your stress, and even help with pain relief. We believe that cannabis helps create a deeper mind-body connection to bring out the best version of you!

Each product is handcrafted in San Francisco combining science, craft, and attention to detail to ensure every Somatik product has a precise effect based formula combined with the highest quality ethically sourced ingredients.

From our single origin ingredients to our award winning taste, our products effortlessly integrate into your daily rituals providing you the ability to take a discreet whole-food microdose of zen anytime, anywhere.