Beezle Citrus Breath 0.5g Sauce Cartridge 79.92% THC

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Citrus Breath

Half Gram Sauce Vape Cartridge

79.92% THC

Aroma & Tasting notes: Sweet, Citrus, Fruity 

Lineage: Orange Fruity Pebbles x Grape Stomper

Effect: Citrus Breath's euphoric effects will keep you happy when you are stressed and help you catch some sleep when faced with insomnia. Sit back, relax and enjoy this fruity delight.


From Beezle Extracts: 

Beezle sauce cartridges are crafted to deliver the same rich flavor and strain-specific effect as their concentrates, but are packaged in an extremely convenient mobile format. The oil itself is a blend of golden THC distillate and our signature Beezle live resin high terpene full spectrum extract to create a very powerful, yet intensely-flavored liquid that flows perfectly in the pen. Unlike other pens on the market, we do not use any additives to cut our product, we use only cannabis-derived ingredients. Our cartridge is designed to work with standard 510-thread batteries.