ZZZ Beezle Tropical Z Black Label 71.81% THC

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Tropical Z

1 g

(Purple Punch x Z)

We can't all take a vacation right now, but we can all transport ourselves to a tropical state of mind with this Tropical Z black label. Mouth-watering may ensue with a sniff of the tropical fruit/candy terps featured in this batch. The effects will also have you feeling like your under a palm tree; a relaxed mood, tension relief in the body, improved focus.

Beezle Black Label is another form of our live resin. We only pick the most desirable cultivars to produce this type of concentrate. Similar to our sauce, Black Label has 2 layers, only we use a proprietary process to crash out large THCa crystals. The final product is made up of THCa crystals and a liquid layer of terpenes combined at a perfect 50:50 ratio for a truly balanced dabbing experience.