Beezle Turf War Live Resin Budder 70.77% THC

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Turf War

1 gram

70.77% THC

Lineage: New York City Diesel + LA Kush

Aroma & Tasting notes: Lemon Cream Cake + Gasoline 

Effect: The best of both coasts collide for this delightful extract that is sure to knock your socks off and put a big smile on your face from the moment you open the jar. Relaxing and euphoric, Turf War is great for hanging out with friends or solo.

Our live resin products are all made using the same process: we harvest plants at their peak ripeness, quickly freeze them, and extract them at sub-zero temperatures. This cold process allows us to retain more of the terpenes and other aromatic compounds than is possible from dry plant material, which leads to a more flavorful dabbing experience.