Bloom Farms Dosilato Refined Live Resin PAX Pod 84% THC

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Dosilato Refined Live Resin PAX pod

*Compatible only with PAX Era

500 mg

84% THC

Tasting notes: Sweet, flowery herb, gas

Lineage: Dosido x Gelato

Indica-heavy Dosilato delivers calming happiness to induce sweet relaxation that’s not too sedating. With hints of flowery herb, its comforting bouquet entices the nose, while notes of sweet dessert over a pungent base of gas and pine please the palate.

 Refined Live Resin

Fresh flowers and sugar leaves are flash-frozen to immediately preserve the plants’ most desirable compounds at the moment of harvest.

 Meticulous extraction produces a savory terpene-heavy, cannabinoid-rich concentrate that is gently transformed into Refined Live Resin.