Bloom Farms OG Fuel Refined Live Resin 0.5g Cartridge 83% THC

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OG Fuel Refined Live Resin

half gram cartridge

83% THC

Tasting notes: citrus with lingering diesel undertones

Lineage: OG Kush x Face Off OG

Sativa-dominant OG Fuel is named for its potent OG effects and lingering gasoline undertones, which are lightened by notes of pine and sharp citrus. The heady high nurtures introspection as deep as the physical comfort you'll feel.

 Refined Live Resin

Fresh flowers and sugar leaves are flash-frozen to immediately preserve the plants’ most desirable compounds at the moment of harvest.

 Meticulous extraction produces a savory terpene-heavy, cannabinoid-rich concentrate that is gently transformed into Refined Live Resin.