ZZZ Bloom Farms Rainbow Sherbet 1g Live Resin Cartridge 74% THC

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Rainbow Sherbet LIve Resin cartridge

1 g 

74% THC

Lineage: Champagne x Blackberry

Skillful crossing of Champagne and Blackberry genetics creates this well-balanced hybrid known for exceptional flavor. Sugared berries, touches of mint and a subtle Champagne aroma announce dual mind-body effects that hit the head first. Uplifted mood, enhanced focus and freer creativity shift into strong body effects, an uncompromising state of relaxation from head to toe.

 Refined Live Resin
Fresh flowers and sugar leaves are flash-frozen to immediately preserve the plants’ most desirable compounds at the moment of harvest.

Meticulous extraction produces a savory terpene-heavy, cannabinoid-rich concentrate that is gently transformed into Refined Live Resin.