Bloom Farms Sherbet Liquid Live Resin PAX Pod 72% THC

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Sherbet Liquid Live Resin PAX


72% THC

Relaxing Sherbet packs a pungent punch of aroma and attitude. This indica-leaning hybrid eases both mind and body, while its deliciously fruity flavor stimulates the palate with hints of citrus and cookie. This tasty hybrid is said to tempt the appetite, spark creativity and inspire elevated satisfaction, making it ideal for daytime productivity.

Liquid Live™ Resin

Taste the terpenes with Liquid Live™ Resin Extract, a liquid cannabis concentrate named for the freshness of the plant from which it’s made. Savory and sweet Liquid Live™ Resin Extract contains high levels of terpenes and is typically the most flavorful of extracts, resulting in the ultimate vapor experience for even the most discerning palates.

From plant to pen the full-spectrum Liquid Live™ Resin Extract offers a natural cannabis experience with zero additives and no artificial flavors, just like nature intended. Liquid Live™ Resin uses the entire cannabis plant, preserving its essence by removing no terpenes, cannabinoids or THC during the process for the ultimate cannabis experience.


The Process

Liquid Live™ Resin extract (LLR) begins and ends with the process in which it is prepared. LLR remains a unique resin extract in that it uses the entire plant, not just the leaves, to provide the most authentic cannabis experience possible. Each cannabis plant is picked at peak ripeness and immediately frozen to best preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids. In order to preserve the essence of the plant, no terpenes, cannabinoids or THC are separated during the LLR process. This allows the natural plant extract to maintain its original flavor and profile. The Liquid Live™ process excludes any and all fillers, cutting agents, distillates, artificial terpenes, and any other cannabis terpenes from the LLR to ensure only the 100% purest of flavors and effects are experienced.


Extraction Method: Fresh frozen material is extracted using hydrocarbons

*Compatible only with PAX Era

Bloom Farms Sherbet Liquid Live Resin PAX Pod
Bloom Farms PAX pod