Bloom Farms Sour Diesel PAX Pod 86% THC

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Sour Diesel single origin PAX Pod

*Battery not included. Compatible only with PAX ERA

500 mg

86% THC

Lineage: Chemdog 91 x Super Skunk

The pungent flavors of licorice and pine are matched by potent sativa effects that come on strong and settle in quickly. Said to spur productive energy, enhanced creativity, mental clarity and sociability, Durban Poison is most popular among people experiencing a depressed mood, anxiety, repetitive thoughts and attention disorders.

Single Origin
Each strain-specific Single Origin is designed for the true cannabis connoisseur. Cultivated and curated within California, each Single Origin is only available in extremely limited quantity. All Single Origin cartridges are made with 100% pure cannabis oil.


Extraction Method: Our oils are made by using state-of-the-art, supercritical CO2 technology. Raw oils are gently refined via crystallization to remove unwanted plant lipids and waxes.