Cali Select Zookies 3.5g Flower 29.39% THC

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Zookies Flower

Eighth Ounce

Lineage: Animal Cookies x GG4

Aroma & Tasting notes: Sweet, nutty, gassy, with subtle pepper and floral notes

Effect: Can produce a strong body buzz that leaves you feeling smiley and awake. Munchies follow closely behind. Often chosen for functional relief in small amounts and can cause sleepiness in larger amounts.

About the Farm: 

Cali Select are cannabis cultivators located at the heart of the Emerald Triangle, in Mendocino County. They cultivate in cutting-edge greenhouses that use mixed light (both artificial and sunlight) to produce high-end craft cannabis. Their plants are mindfully grown, meticulously cared for, and harvested by hand enabling each plant to better showcase their strain characteristics and ultimately reach their full genetic potential.