Cann Cranberry Sage Popping Space Crystals Single 2:1

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Cranberry Sage Space Crystals 

8mg CBD // 4mg THC per pouch

Lip lock and pop it! A Cann you can eat? Omg. Meet our first edible, a limited edition Space Crystals collab. It’s out of this world, but won’t send you into outer space (4mg thc and 8mg cbd per shareable serving). Tart and a touch savory, this winter seasonal popping candy is a literal explosion of flavor on your tongue. Made in partnership with Sonder, a fellow queer-owned cannabis brand. A match made in heaven (and cuffing season).

Instructions: Hold crystals in mouth until dissolved, 30-60 seconds. Effects begin in 15 minutes to 1 hour

Ingredients: Crystals (cane sugar, lactose, brown rice syrup, carbon dioxide), coconut oil, natural fruit flavors (cranberry, sage), citric acid, cannabis oil