Cann Social Tonic Lemon Lavender Roadie 8pk

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THC (Entire Box)

Lemon Lavender Roadie

4mg CBD // 2mg THC per pouch

CANN’s Lemon Lavender Roadies Single lets you transform any class of sparkling water into an indulgent, refreshing infused beverage. This single-serving comes without the can and contains a 1:2 ratio of two (2) milligrams of THC and four (4) milligrams of CBD per pack. 

Smooth and unexpected, Lemon Lavender is a fan favorite. Refreshing and not too sweet, it'll leave you feeling perfectly social and just a little buzzed. Have one or have five: no hangovers here, just the right amount of lift wrapped up in a delicious beverage.

Cann, without the can. Perfect for Discreet On-The-Go consumption. Simply tear, pour and watch as the 4 ingredients (100% real Lemon Juice, Organic Agave, 100% Natural Lavender Oil and Pure Californian Cannabis Extract) pour and mix perfectly with any drink. No powders here, just clean simple, enjoyable fun, anywhere, anytime.

Each box has 8 single serving Liquid Sachets each containing 2mg THC & 4mg CBD

Cann Social Tonic Lemon Lavender Roadie 8pk - Farmhouse Artisan Market drink