Cosmic View Deep Down

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Deep Down Formula

A 100% organic, doctor-formulated topical blend of premium artisanal ingredients, this salve is packed with healing oils and herbs including arnica and comfrey that work synergistically with full-spectrum CBD- and THC-rich cannabis to relieve achy, sore muscles.  Loaded with antibacterial and healing properties, cooling menthol, wintergreen and spearmint oils cool skin and muscular tissue. Incorporate this salve into a post-workout routine or massage into problem areas for quick relief. Cosmic View Deep Down Balm provides a hydrating effect that reaches deep beneath the skin's surface. Offering a refreshing and soothing feeling, this balm helps reverse dryness while providing a cosmic view of the skin.

Ingredients: California cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil infused with locally grown cannabis, comfrey and arnica, beeswax, menthol, spearmint, rosemary and wintergreen essential oils. 


1 oz 53 mg CBD; 105.8 mg THC

Cosmic View Deep Down - Farmhouse Artisan Market Topical