Delighted Gummiez x White Runtz (Small Pieces) 3.5g 25.69% THC

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Gummiez x White Runtz small pieces AKA White Gummy

eighth ounce of Indoor Flower

25.69% THC

Lineage: ( Peach Ringz x Jetlatto ) x ( gelato x runtz )

Aroma & Tasting Notes: Herbaceous Lemon and pepper with a hint of ammonia

Effects: incredibly uplifting, focused, and serene which can easily enrich activities or induce an almost hypnotic serenity verging on a stoney-sedation,  eventually encouraging sleep


Breeder: Compound Genetics

About the Breeder:

Through rigorous pheno hunting, collecting, and collaboration we combine rare and sought-after flavors to create today's best cannabis. Our passion for the plant along with an exclusive library of genetics allows us to develop unique expressions that are elite representations of smell, taste, and experience.