Eel River Organics Blue Water OG Cartridge

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Blue Water OG

500 mg 

75.22% THC

Creative and calming, Blue Water OG is named after the vibrant blue of the Eel River’s winter months. This strain exhibits high levels of the CBG, the mother of cannabinoids and a big helper in creating homeostasis in our bodies.  Even for the most loving of sativas, this indica is a nice balance for everyone.


  • Single Strain 100% Pure Cannabis Clear Distillates From Whole Flower.
  • 100% pure cannabis oil. No additives. Superior Flavor.
  • NUG RUN Concentrate from Organic, Dry-Farmed Cannabis.
  • Natural Plant Terpenes Preserved for Rich, Whole Plant Cannabinoid Profiles.
  • Solvent Free, Critical CO2 Distillation Process Produces Clean, Clear Oil.


  • Precision Tooled Cartridge Provides Superior Seal and Prevents Leakage.
  • Cartridge Designed for Clear Cannabis Distillates for Consistent Vaporization.
  • Advanced Porous Ceramic Wick Delivers Great Flavor and Large Vapor Volume.
  • Advanced 350 mAh, rechargeable battery; built-in safety and efficiency features.
  • Air Flow sensor Activates Battery On Each Draw; LED Indicator for Ease of Use.

*Battery not included. Batteries can be found in accessories.