ZZZ El Blunto x Connected The Chemist Single El Bluntito 0.75g 27.8% THC

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El Bluntito x Connected- The Chemist

single 0.75g Cannabis Cigarillo (Mini Blunt)

Indica Hybrid

27.8% THC

33.4% Total Cannabinoids 

At the Einstone’s El Blunto laboratory we value science as much as the next nerd which is why this special edition El Bluntito x Connected collab packed with The Chemist flower is right on brand. This science-fueled frenzy resulted in a phenotype that will hit as hard as the perfectly rolled Bluntito fatty fun-stick you’re smoking. This beauty is for you professional gas guzzlers who can appreciate the full flavor profile, sage-like earthiness, surgery sweet terps and high potency that will relax your body and mind.

Contains .75g of full flower nugs, broken down by hand, wrapped in 100% tobacco-free all-natural hemp, and packaged in a re-sealable glass tube.

- .75 grams of top shelf cannabis
- Full flower nugs, broken down by hand 
- Custom glass filter tip
- 100% tobacco-free all-natural hemp wrap
- Re-sealable glass tube
- Great if you’re on the go! 


About El Blunto:

Born from a passion for craftsmanship and quality, El Blunto is an evolution of historic cigar-making tradition.

Borrowing age-old techniques from master cigar-rollers and employing modern technologies, we create products of the highest caliber with the highest level of finishing.

Small batch, limited runs of the most sought-after, highest potency flower on the market.