Foxworthy Farms San Fernando's Hideaway 14g Flower 23.15% THC

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San Fernando's Hideaway

half ounce

23.15% THC

Lineage:  SFV OG x Skunkberry
Aroma and tasting notes: earthy and fuel
Effects: The high is strong enough to treat oneself medicinally, while still providing enough motivation and energy to go for a hike or work in the garden.  

From Foxworthy Farms: 

We grow less than one acre of cannabis outdoors on the 82-acre property where two owners live. We established our farm as part of a nonprofit patients’ collective in 2001. Safety, quality, and sustainability are essential elements of our business model, which we call “consumer-focused agriculture.” The needs, wants, and values of the patients and adult-use consumers we serve help to shape our breeding and farming practices.

The Sonoma County cannabis farm is located approximately two miles from the border of Napa County. The elevation of the property is over 2,000 feet. The sun, wind, soil, and climate are completely unique to our farm, which sits at a higher elevation than any other licensed grow in the county. We believe our microclimate is a special part of the cannabis we grow here. We are determined to keep the land in a natural state to help preserve and protect our watershed, wildlife, and forest.