Have Hash Apes in Space 1g Live Rosin 71.94% THC

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Apes in Space Cold Cure Live Rosin

71.94% THC

Lineage: Falcon 9 x Grease Monkey
Aroma and tasting notes: Skunky Earthy with a Chem dawg style petrol to the undertones of the taste, especially on the inhale

Effects: While Gorilla Glue is present in the genetic profile of Apes in Space, its famed couch-lock effects have not been inherited. While there is a potent buzz thanks to the high THC level, the high is a touch gentler, with a welcome mix of euphoric happiness, and body-hugging relaxation

Cultivated by: Talking Trees Farms

Have Hash is a product of Humboldt County

Always quality, Always Live, Always Solventless