ZZZ Herbanology Cuvée Cookies 3.5g 23.24% THC

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Cuvé Cookies


23.24% THC

Lineage: Cuvee x GSC
Aroma and tasting notes: Sweet, earthy, cookie dough, hints of fruit 
Effects: Full body euphoria and relaxation
From Herbanology

Regenerative, Sustainable, Organic Inputs, Soil Food Web, Microscopy, Sun+Earth Certified 

Need we say more?  We do our best to be the most respectful stewards of the land. We believe in being caretakers of the system that exists in balance all around us and right under our feet.

Our Inspiration is Mother Earth, the bearer of fruits and life and everything sweet.  We are also inspired by the teachers, the wisdom keepers, all the Pioneers that came before us, are with us and to those that will come when we're gone!