ZZZ High Totem Blue Dream 3.5g 19.20% THC

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Blue Dream

3.5g flower

19.20% THC

Lineage: Blueberry x Haze 
Aroma and tasting notes: smell and taste like sweet berries

Effects: balanced high accompanied by cerebral stimulation and full body relaxation


From High Totem:

High Totem flower is grown exclusively on our farm, surrounded by redwoods and just a short stroll from the beautiful Trinity River in Humboldt County, CA. Our rich native soil, crystal clear mountain water, and the ideal Northern California climate, makes this the perfect place to grow world-class weed outdoors. Although this is a more labor intensive process, our hands-on approach allows us to ensure the best quality flower, the natural way. We’re proud to continue the long tradition of Humboldt California outdoor cannabis farmers, seed to smoke.