ZZZ Jetty Extracts Sour Diesel 1.2g Solventless Infused Pre-Roll 24.29% THC

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Sour Diesel x Papaya Hash Solventless Infused Preroll Single (1.2g)

single 1.2g pre-roll


Nothing in the world can improve upon Sour Diesel’s unmistakably fuel-forward flavor and uplifting head high. Nothing in the world except our tropical fruit-forward flavor profile of our Solventless Papaya Hash.

Infused with JETTY UNREFINED Live Resin: 100% live resin that’s uncut and never mixed with distillate. Our premium fresh-frozen cannabis is cryoextracted with minimal processing to preserve more terpenes, cannabinoids, and other natural plant compounds for a true flower high.

Top-shelf bud. Curated flower and oil pairings. Supercharged Potency. Find your flavor with Jetty Prerolls.