Jetty Extracts Strawberry Cough Live Resin Dablicator 87% THC

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Strawberry Cough Unrefined Live Resin Dablicator


87% THC

This uplifting Sativa has a strong skunky-strawberry terpene profile that results in feelings of bliss and relief. We are by no means doctors, but we wouldn't be surprised if you kept this one in the medicine cabinet.

We keep it UNREFINED, minimally-processed and single source so you don’t miss any of what this strain wants to give us.

Dose up a joint. Direct dab without any tools. Add to flower. However you use it, the Jetty Dablicator™ Oil Applicator is a better way to dispense oil.

JETTY UNREFINED is 100% live resin that’s uncut and never mixed with distillate. Our premium fresh-frozen cannabis is cryoextracted with minimal processing to preserve more terpenes, cannabinoids, and other natural plant compounds for a true flower high.