Juniper Thin Mint GSC 1g Pre-Roll

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Thin Mint GSC

One Full Gram Joint

20.08% THC

Aroma & Tasting notes: Mint, Earthy, Sweet

Effects: This sweet flower will have you smiling and feeling at ease.  Great for early evening use and socializing. 

From Juniper:

Our small production handcrafted cannabis allows us to operate organically and conscientiously. By staying small and personal, we are able to maintain our commitment to quality. Our family farmers are passionate about their craft, they know every strain, what they need, when trichomes are at peak, and how to delicately cure the harvest using old family secrets.

We are situated at 900 ft elevation, we enjoy a coastal influence and a southwest facing exposure. The plants are bathed in sunshine all day long and nourished with organically amended soil and pristine spring water. Our forest mix of redwood, fir, pepperwood, oak, maple, and madrone lend their aromatic influence to our finished product. Our hillside gardens benefit from a true representation of character and offer a rich complexity of terpenes and cannabinoids. Our prerolls are made using AAA flower and no trim, ever. You’re sure to taste the difference.