Kamatree White Fire OG 3.5g 28% THC

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White Fire OG
28% THC 

Lineage: The White x Fire OG

Aroma & tasting notes: Fuel notes of citrus 

Effects:  Uplifting and happy, White Fire OG can help you relax without feeling groggy.


From Kamatree: 

Weed grown indoors under lights requires tremendous amounts of energy and contributes to global warming.

At kamatree we believe in doing our part to help heal the planet. That's why all of our products are grown naturally under the sun with a minimal carbon footprint. So when you choose kamatree you are making a healthy environmental choice! 

In fact, every time you choose a jar of kamatree over indoor weed, you keep 16 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.


smoke tree  save the world.