Kanha Acai Blueberry CBG Nano Gummies 100mg

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Acai Blueberry

2:1 Harmony Gummies

100mg THC & 200mg CBG/pouch

10mg THC & 20mg CBG/piece




Designed to help you drift into harmonious relief, these CBG infused gummies are fast acting with an onset as soon as 15 min. Soothe you mind and body with these all natural gummies!

Best paired with:

Yoga and meditation
creative hobbies like art and music
Exercise like cardio or hiking

As the pioneers of Cannabis nanotechnology, Sunderstorm introduces Kanha Nano.
They’ve taken their award-winning, great-tasting Kanha gummies, and infused them with nanomolecular technology to deliver the first fast-acting edible in the industry. No need to wait for the effect!

You’ll feel the bliss in half the time.
So go ahead and take the joyful journey with Kanha Nano.