Kiva Lost Farm Sour Lemon Live Rosin Chews 100mg

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THC (entire pack)

Sour Lemon Chews

100mg THC

10mg THC/ serving (one chew per serving)


Infused with Amarelo Live Rosin

Strain Notes

A pure sativa strain, Amarelo is characterized by its light, flowery herbal tea aromas accented by the fragrance of fresh, woody pine and pepper.

Flavor Notes

A true-to-fruit lemon tartness is balanced with earthy herbal notes from Amarelo live rosin.

Made with 100% Solventless Live Rosin

Going back to Kiva’s roots, live rosin is a solventless concentrate created with care and craftsmanship. This exceptionally natural extraction process creates a pure expression of the plant, allowing each strain’s unadulterated aromas and terpenes to shine.

Kiva Lost Farm Sour Lemon Live Rosin Chews 100mg - Farmhouse Artisan Market Gummy