Kiva Tropical Punch Camino Gummies

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Tropical Punch Gummies

100mg THC/tin

5mg THC/ serving (one gummy per serving)

effect: "Proud"

Tropical Punch Camino is a proud labor of love for the Kiva community. Our lead product developer spearheaded the project to create an edible homage to her LGBTQ+ family, and specifically honor the iconic drag queen community. She and the rest of our team worked with renowned San Francisco drag queens Heklina and Peaches Christ throughout Tropical Punch’s development. From the color, flavor and shine of the gummy, to the figure, locations and copy portrayed on the packaging, each element was thoughtfully chosen. As a proud champion and ally of diversity, equality, inclusion and love, Kiva has donated to three LGBTQ+ charities chosen by Heklina, Peaches Christ, and LA-based drag queen extraordinaire Laganja Estranja- GLBT Historical Society, Harvey Milk Center For The Arts, and the Los Angeles LGBT Center. While Tropical Punch is available for a limited time only, Kiva’s respect and appreciation for our diverse California community is boundless. 20 servings per package. Each serving contains 5mg THC and a custom blend of terpenes, for a Fierce experience.
Ingredients: Organic Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Malic Acid, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Cannabis Extract, Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Color, Natural Terpenes, Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax, Luster Dust (Annatto Seed, Spirulina, Beet Root, Mica). Made in a facility that processes milk, nuts, soy and gluten.