Lost Creek OG (small pieces) 7g 22.96% THC

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22.96% THC

Tasting Notes: Sweet, Gassy, Earthy

Effects: The full body flavors and potency will have you feeling great.

About the Farm:

Lost Creek Cannabis is a family owned and operated legacy farm situated  in the heart of Southern Humboldt County.

This magnificent territory is renown worldwide for being the center Cannabis Culture and Sustainable growing practices thanks to the specific weather conditions, altitude and culture concentrated in this region: the Emerald Triangle.

Our Cannabis grows 100% pesticide free, under the nurturing care of our family members. We have had years of research, trial and error until we fine-tuned our growing practices around the specific quality and features of this terroir. Our farm practices compare to the highest standards for organic crop cultivation. You can taste the difference, you can taste the quality.