Mӧӧds Sleep Berry 3:2:1 Sublingual Spray

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THC (entire bottle)

Mӧӧds Sleep Berry 3:2:1 Sublingual Spray 

500mg/ bottle

3mg CBN/ spray

2mg THC/ spray

1mg CBD/ spray

mӧӧds is a cannabis-infused sublingual aerosol oral spray that leverages pharmaceutical-grade technology to provide accurate, safe, and clean cannabis delivery. Sublingual administration of a spray has maximal absorption and bioavailability in as fast as 2 minutes. Each spray of a mӧӧds device provides the same amount of active ingredients every time, giving you maximum control.

SLEEP is carefully crafted with one of the highest concentrations of CBN on the market to help even the busiest minds get to sleep. 

Ingredients: Medium Chain Triglyceride(MCT) Oil, Cannaboidol(CBN), Delta 9 Tertrahydrocannabinol(THC), Cannaboidol(CBD), Natural Flavor Oil, Full Spectrum Terpenes

Mӧӧds Sleep Berry 3:2:1 Sublingual Spray - Farmhouse Artisan Market Tincture