Madrone Gary Payton (small buds) 28g 30% THC

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Gary Payton

28g of sun grown small buds

30% THC

2% Terpenes

.07% CBD

Grown By: Big Sun Farms

Lineage: The Y x Snowman

Aroma & tasting notes: Sweet, Apricot, Vanilla

Effect: Great for social settings, Gary Payton can provide a giggly and talkative buzz


Step up to the challenge with Madrone Gary Payton, a potent flower with a powerful, fun, and vanilla-sweet taste. Take a risk and reap the rewards of its strong 30% THC. Unleash the power of small buds and enjoy a daring adventure!

Madrone Gary Payton (small buds) 28g 30% THC - Farmhouse Artisan Market flower