Manzanita & Madrone The Fizz Ginger Root

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Ginger Root Sparkling Herbal Beverage

10 mg THC/bottle

12 fl oz

With decades of experience, Manzanita & Madrone's brewmaster has perfected the art of herbal beverages.  Now they are bringing their expertise to you with this premium low-dose, all-natural, craft beverage!


Ingredients: Sparkling water, sugar cane, honey, fresh pressed ginger root, pineapple and lime juice, natural flavor, quijalla bark extract citric acid, and CO2 extracted Cannabis


*Quillaja bark is a natural, tree-derived substance native to Chile that serves as the key component in Manzanita and Madrone's non-conventional emulsifying method. Quillaja bark is what allows them to emulsify their premium THC naturally instead of using industry standard chemicals such as sodium benzoate.