Outer Galactic Sugar Free Dark Chocolates 80mg

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8 Dark Chocolates

10 mg THC/piece


About Outer Galactic Chocolates:


Our edibles use ingredients from small farmers that use sustainable growing practices. Made with optimism for our fellow people, and deep regard for our planet.


OGC are made in small batches with love, time, and care from Laytonville, California by an award winning chef, restaurant owner, chocolatier, and college professor of the culinary arts.


When we created OGC we wanted the highest quality possible, that’s only possible by using the Q Fermentation process which captures the purest, richest flavor from the Cacao Barry.


Every one of our chocolates has a unique colorful swirl inspired by galaxies and capturing the art that goes into every step of our process from farming the cannabis, to fermenting the cacao barry, and combining it all into a beautiful experience.


Ingredients:  Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Vanilla Bean, Cannabis Distillate, Monkfruit Extract

Sugar Free THC Chocolate Outer Galactic
Monkfruit sweetened edible