Papa's Select Fatso 1g 90u Live Water Hash 66.31% THC

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Fatso 90u Live Water Hash

66.31% THC

Lineage: GMO Cookies x Legend OG
Aroma & tasting notes: Funky fuel
Effects: Make sure you’re close to the couch for this one, you won’t want to get up

Indica Dominant Hybrid
Cultivated by: Redwood Valley Farms

From Papa's Select:


Living Extracts is the name coined for our collection of Live Rosin as it speaks to the premium nature of our extracts and our careful, artisanal process. Some of the consistencies or textures created in our refinement process are known as Batter, Sugar, or Sauce and are highly desired because the terpene profile of the material is more distinct and robust. Since live rosin has been refined through an additional process it usually has a higher potency than traditional rosin. The finest Ice Water Hash is made from micron bags that range from – 90/220u. Our live rosin is carefully made from micron bags ranging from – 70u/150u.


We select our partner farms not only for their cannabis strain offerings but also for their growing practices and methods. We, at Papa’s Select, understand the culture and lifestyle that many of these small local farms have created in Humboldt. It is our mission to honor our farmers’ expertise by producing premium, small-batch concentrates that exemplify the quality of this starting material. We subscribe to the saying “fire in, fire out” and understand this starts with our farm partners and ends with our artisanal process.