Peak Huckleberry Zkittlez 0.5 g Amber Cartridge

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Huckleberry Zkittlez Amber Cartridge 

500 mg 

45.8% THC

**** Emerald Cup Winner****


The Huckleberry Zkittlez Full Spectrum Cartridge is a collaboration with Talking Trees Farms! May help calm anxious feelings and tension in the body. 

Aroma & Tasting notes: Fruity, Earthy, Berry

From Peak: Our Full Spectrum Amber oil is extracted using CO2 and carefully refined in a way that maintains the original terpene profile of the flower, leaving us with a gorgeous, delicious oil that is unique on the market in its quality.  Our extracts are always small batch and strain specific, made from only the highest quality material. All of our products are rigorously tested and have been for over four years.


    *Battery not included. Batteries can be found in accessories.